Блок разделения воздуха, криогенное оборудование, Днепропетровск, Украина



About Us


тел.+38(056)785 05 91;

+38 (097) 658 45 17

моб. +38(066)328 57 19

Eurotechgas is a dynamic enterprise on industrial market of Ukraine


Main types of activity:


Supply of modern nitrogen systems for fire extinguishing


Diaphragm and adsorbing oxygen stations


Diaphragm and adsorbing nitrogen stations


Gas-separation complexes from atmospheric air


Units for drying air and gases.


Mobile nitrogen compressor stations for fire extinguishing


Mobile oxygen stations


Supply of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxiide.


Preparation of welding and alimentary gas mixes


Composition of mixes for fire extinguishing


Repair and inspection of cylinders


We invite for cooperation companies whose line of business is diaphragm and adsorbing technologies





Контактные телефоны:

тел./факс /056/374 69 75, /097/ 658 45 17 , тел. /0562/ 785 05 91, моб. 066-328-57-19,
email: etgazdm@ua.fm, etgazpavel@ua.fm